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Auto Decals

The owner or operator of all vehicles, motor vehicles, trailers, or semi trailers normally garaged, stored or parked in the Town of Berryville is required to display a current Town decal.

Town decals go on sale January 1st and must be purchased and displayed by February 15th.

Annual fees for auto decals are $25 for a motor vehicle; $12 for motorcycles; and $8 for trailers. A transfer sticker may be purchased for $1 with return of the current yearís sticker and the new vehicle registration. All personal property taxes must be paid before an auto decal can be purchased.

Decals are placed on the passenger side of the inspection sticker.

Remember to report to the Clarke County Commissioner of Revenue, (540) 955-5108, the sale or purchase of any vehicle. Keeping the Commissionerís office updated insures that personal property tax billing information is correct.

Personal Property Taxes

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