Water & Sewer

Water and sewer bills are due the 15th of each month. In the event meter reading is delayed, bill due dates may be modified. Wastewater (sewer) usage is determined and billed based on the water meter reading.
* Monthly bills include an administrative and facilities fee of $18.07 for water and $9.65 for sewer. Because of space limitations on the bill, these fees are labeled as WA ADMIN & FCLTY and SW AMIN & FCLTY on the bill. The administrative and facilities fees are charged to pay for a portion of the fixed operational costs that do not typically vary because of individual customer usage. These costs include items such as treatment plant and distribution/collection system maintenance, testing, and billing and administration.
Rate Type
Rate per 1,000 Gallons of Usage
Monthly Minimum Charge
Water $  8.15 $  5.00
Sewer $17.27 $15.00
Total $25.42* $20.00*

Customer Responsibilities

Customers are responsible for contacting the Town Business Office to ensure the account for a new residence is properly placed in their name, when contact information changes, and to notify the Town Business Office when they plan to vacate the property.

New Water & Sewer Accounts

To set up a new account complete the New Utility Account Application and submit to the Town Business Office with a copy of your drivers license front and back. For customers who are renting their occupancy the landlord must complete the Owner Authorization for Tenant Utility Service form authorizing renters to obtain water and sewer service at their property. A refundable security deposit is required for all customers who are renting their occupancy. The amount of the required deposit varies depending on the use of the space. See deposit listing below.
Submit information to the Town Business Office via email to customerservice@berryvilleva.gov,  or by drop box, drive through or walk up window (with required deposit if renting) located at 101 Chalmers Ct, Suite A, Berryville, VA 22611.

New Utility Account Application

Owner Authorization For Tenant Utility

Water and Sewer Brochure 2022

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit is required for customers who are renting their occupancy.  The amount of the required deposit varies depending on the use of the space. Required deposits:

  • Residential: individually metered single-family units, town homes and duplexes: $270
  • Residential: multi-family with master meter: $215 per unit
  • Business / Commercial: $270
  • Laundry: $4,590*
  • Restaurant: $865*
  • Institutional: $1,610*
  • Industrial: $5,630*

Water and Sewer Bill Payment Methods

  • In Person - At the town office at 101 Chalmers Ct., Suite A between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays.
  • By Mail  - Please enclose the bottom portion of your bill with your check or money order. Please do not send cash in the mail.
  • In the Drop Box - An after-hours drop box is located a the Government Center at 101 Chalmers Ct. Please do not leave cash in the drop box.
  • ACH Debit - Complete the Authorization form and have your payment deducted from your bank account. See below for detailed information.
  • Drive Thru - Located on the Rose Hill Park side of the Government Center at 101 Chalmers Ct.
  • Online - Town online payments options (fees may apply)
  • By Phone - 1.877.885.7968 (fees may apply)

ACH Debit

The Town of Berryville offers you the option to pay your utility bill through automatic monthly debits from your bank account.  These automatic debits are a safe and convenient method of paying your utility bill.  You just authorize us to notify your bank to transfer the amount you owe on the day your payment is due. Complete the Automatic Payment Form (PDF) to start the process. Once you are set up on the ACH system, your payment will be made automatically on the 15th of each month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, your payment will be made the next business day.

Late Fees

A 10% late payment penalty is assessed if payment is not received by the 15th of the month.  No additional notice will be provided before service disconnection.

Payment Extension Policy

Customers who are unable to pay their bill on time may request an extension. A Payment Extension is provided to temporarily extend the due date of the bill for those situations when a qualifying customer is in need.  Only the account holder may request this service, and it must be requested prior to the scheduled cut-off day.  Payment extensions can only be made on active accounts.

Customers will be allowed two extensions of five days each per 12 month period.  Extensions will not be allowed on an account that has less than three billing cycles, if a final read is scheduled, or if the Town is aware the customer is moving.  Customers must provide a reasonable cause or undue hardship requiring the extension.  Based on the customer's payment history and the amount due, the Town may not be able to grant as extension in all situations.

This extension does not prevent the payment from being considered late, which will lead to additional charges on the account.  Even if a payment extension has been granted, a second notice will be mailed.  If payment is not received by the extension date, the payment extension will default and the account will be disconnected.

In addition, all accounts terminated for non-payment twice within six months may be reviewed to ensure the deposit on hand is sufficient.  If there is a gap between the deposit on hand and three months' average billing for that account, the deposit may be increased to the required level. 

 Service Disconnection

If service is disconnected, it will be restored only when the account and service charges, including a $50 administrative fee, have been paid. The Town strictly enforces this policy. Please refer to the back of your bill for additional information.

Addressing Problems

Any discrepancies or problems in a water and sewer bill should be addressed by calling the Town Office at (540) 955-1099 immediately, but in no event more than 10 days from the date of the billing.  If you suspect that you may have leaks in your home’s internal plumbing system, Berryville’s Public Works Department will check the leak detection device on your water meter. Please call the Town Office to schedule this service.

For more information, please see the Water and Sewer Billing Adjustment Policy (PDF) and Water and Sewer Adjustment Request Form.

Water Conservation

To find out more about water conversation, read the Water Saving Tips (PDF) document.

Water & Sewer Availability Fees

Please call the Town Manager at (540) 955-1099 to inquire about water and sewer availability fees.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Berryville's Drinking Water Quality Report is mailed to all water customers on an annual basis.  The report is designed to provide customers with valuable information about drinking water quality in the Town of Berryville.  The quality of the Town's drinking water meets all state and federal requirements administered by the Virginia Department of Health.  For more information or if you have questions, please call David Tyrrell, Director of Utilities at (540) 955-1759 or send him an email at dirutilities@berryvilleva.gov.

Utility Rate Study

Pennoni Associates prepared the report for Town Council for consideration of possible rate adjustments. 

Pennoni Utility Rate Study