Town Council


The Berryville Town Charter requires that Berryville be governed by a Town Council composed of the mayor, the recorder, and four council members.  All members must be qualified voters in the Town of Berryville.

The mayor and recorder may reside anywhere in Berryville while the four council members must reside in their respective election ward.  All council members are elected by all of the qualified voters of the Town.


(Jay) Harry Lee Arnold, Jr., Mayor

Erecka L. Gibson, Recorder

Donna Marie McDonald, Ward One Council Member

Diane Harrison, Ward Two Council Member

Grant Mazzarino, Ward Three Council Member

Kara C. Rodriguez, Ward Four Council Member

Standing Committees

Budget and Finance  Erecka Gibson - Chair, Donna McDonald

Community Development  Kara Rodriguez - Chair, Diane Harrison

Personnel, Appointments, and Policy  Jay Arnold - Chair, Erecka Gibson

Public Safety  Donna McDonald - Chair, Grant Mazzarina

Streets and Utilities  Diane Harrison - Chair, Kara Rodriquez