Planning Commission


This nine-member board was established in accordance with the Codes of Virginia and Berryville to assist the Town Council with matters related to community development. The Planning Commission has authority to review/approve/deny subdivision, boundary line adjustment, and site plan applications. The Planning Commission advises the Town Council on comprehensive plan amendments, zoning and subdivision ordinance amendments, re-zoning, and special use permits.


Planning Commission members are appointed by the Town Council for four-year terms.


The Berryville Planning Commission holds its regularly scheduled meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Special meetings, work sessions, and committee meetings are held as needed; once a meeting is scheduled it will be placed on the Calendar.

All meetings are held at the Berryville-Clarke County Government Center, located at 101 Chalmers Court, in the Main Meeting Room, unless otherwise advertised.

Citizens are strongly encouraged to attend meetings of the Planning Commission.  A Citizens' Forum is provided at each regular Planning Commission meeting.  Citizens may use this time to speak on non-agenda items in which they are interested.

The Town of Berryville does not discriminate against people with disabilities in admission or access to its programs or activities.  Accommodations will be made for people with disabilities upon prior request.


William Steinmetz, Chair

Kim Kemp, Vice-Chair


Gwen Malone

Michelle Marino


Sheryl Reid

Thomas R. Parker, Jr.

Michael Bell, Jr.