Is there a fee for scheduling a bulk pickup?

Bulk item and appliance collection service, which is provided each Wednesday, must be scheduled in advance with the Town Business Office. With regard to appliance collection, the following fees apply: $25.00 for appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, or water heaters and $40.00 for items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, and computer screens. Prior to appliance collection an appliance collection sticker must be purchased from the Town Business Office and affixed to the appliance to be collected. All hazardous waste (e.g. paints, pesticides, anti-freeze, used oil, tires and the like) must be disposed of in a certified waste acceptance facility. Most of these materials can be disposed of at the Frederick County Landfill. The Frederick County Landfill can be reached at 540-665-5658 or through

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5. Is there a fee for scheduling a bulk pickup?
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