Is there a fee for making a payment with credit card?

Yes, there is a convenience fee of 2.5% plus $0.30 per transaction.

The Town of Berryville has also partnered with Payment Service Network, Inc. (PSN) to offer three options to pay bills online or over the phone.

Online Payments

Click on the bill payment link found on the Town of Berryville’s website at You’ll be directed to our payment processor’s website where you can register and make your payment. Future payments are just three easy steps. 

Mobile App Payments

Download the PSN Payments app from the Apple AppStore© or Google Play™. If you registered online first, use those credentials to log in to the app. You can view your bill on the app, too! 

Phone Payments

Call 1-877-885-7968 to make a payment by phone. Have your bill handy to provide your account number and register. Future payments are just a few quick steps! 

  • Pay immediately, schedule a payment, or set up Auto-Pay 
  • View your balance online (even if you don’t pay online) 
  • Store payment methods 
  • Print receipts, view payment history, and more 

Payment convenience fees apply: 

  • $1.25 for check and savings payments; 
  • 2.95% (+$0.75 for payments under $100.00) for credit and debit card payments. 
  • An additional $2.95 fee applies to all payments made via live representative phone call. 

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